iFloats FAQs

How many people will the iFloat support?

We have never had the opportunity to sink an iFloat. Our iFloat calculator says that about every 18 foot x 6 foot will support 1,440 lbs. We will see if we can answer this question when we have our annual July 4th party . We would like to encourage you to find out for yourself and then send us a picture after you purchase your own iFloat. Our standard iFloat is ¼ to ½ an inch thicker than our competitors floats. That equals 8 to 16 percent more buoyancy for less money. Trying doing a back flip on the other floats and be prepared to go right through the float compared to ours with its high textile strength center core.

Why did you make the iFloat?

The iFloats product evolved out of our frustration to find a product that met our own needs first. The cost was also a serious consideration; we could not believe the price that consumers were being charged for these types of products. We were very familiar with the attributes of foam used for exercise mats, pool floats and water slides. The overall dimensions and design of the iFloats started about two years ago after we extensively evaluated all the different similar products on the market. We want to produce a durable fun, safe, durable, easy-to-maintain product for a variety of applications to include, exercise mat, mattress for use off-road toy hauler/camper/tent, float for water, water slide, sun block or portable changing room etc. We proudly manufacture the iFloat in the USA.

The competition’s product is pricey?

The competition’s product is expensive considering their inferior design. iFloats is the least expensive product on the market today with the highest tensile strength and is 8% to 16% more buoyancy compared to competitors standard product. There is no other product that provides as much bang for the buck as our iFloats. The versatility of our product for recreation or exercise is second to none on the market today. Everyone loves the iFloat because they have so many uses. iFloats can be used to relax and float on your favorite body of water (lake, river or ocean). You will not believe the amount of uses until you own one, Our teenager’s enjoy their iFloats all summer long with family and friends. They have used it as a dock for our paddle boat or kayak, a platform for snorkeling and holding gear, a stage for a lounge chair (with flat legs), fishing deck, changing room or for surfing the ocean waves. The uses of iFloats are endless!

How do I know which iFloat is for me?

Our products are designed for every age group; you just have to decide which length you want. We offer a variety of sizes: 12, 18, 24, 36, 50, 75, 100, 125, and 140 foot length. Most families purchase the 24 foot version but we would let you be the judge. The standard iFloat is 1.5 inches thick and is buoyant enough for most if not all applications and you can double the iFloats buoyancy with our iZip system. Our standard three-ply iFloat is easy to roll-up and store on your swim-step and secures for storage with our dual polyester d ring straps.

Where can I buy this great product?

Simply click on the size you want and pay by credit card or PayPal and place your order securely on-line. We are SSL Secure for your protection. Your new iFloat will ship within 2 business days after the order is placed or when the check is received. Depending on your location, expect to see your iFloat within a week.
Please see our location to find a out if we're close to you. We also ship internationally and currently looking for additional national and international dealers.

What do I need to do to maintain my iFloat?

The iFloat is very easy to maintain. If it is left out for extended period of time you might have to use standard dishwashing soap to wipe off any dirt or scum as a result of leaving it in the water. We recommend using a garden hose to clean both sides when it is soiled and then roll it back up after it has dried completely.

Any warranty?

All iFloats have a limited one year warranty from the date of purchase. Please inspect your iFloat before accepting delivery. Any issues do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Is it okay to leave our “iFloats” out all the time?

Our customers leave their iFloat out all the time but a film could develop on bottom of iFloat if left out long enough. The iFloat is light and very portable and we would suggest you roll it up when you are done using it. If you leave it unattended, we suggest using our sand anchor or spike anchor (depending on current) in conjunction with our lanyard to prevent the iFloat from floating away. If it is in an area that has a lot of boat traffic, you might have to worry about a boat driving across it. We strongly recommended that you mark it with a highly-visible buoy and anchor it out of the way of boat traffic or boat props. The iFloat colors will eventually fade as even the best UV protection will not stop fading.

NOTE: If foul weather is expected with high wind speeds, we recommend that you remove your iFloat from the water. We recommend you stop using the iFloat in any type of inclement weather due to safety.

How do I anchor my “iFloat”?

Each iFloat comes with a D-rings rated at 600lbs on each side and 7-18 ft bungee-cord tether. All you need to do is to connect the tether to the D-ring and the other end to a suitable anchor mooring or boat. We have sand anchors available for purchase. Keep your iFloat a safe distance away from rocks, boat props, docks or any underwater obstruction.

NOTE: Connect the tether to the D-ring on iFloat on the water side or the tether could chafe the surface of the iFloat. Do not tie up the iFloat so it is lifted out of water. This could damage the iFloat. Always have plenty of slack in line and make sure your anchor line is long enough or you could submerge the iFloat and damage it permanently.

Can a sharp object puncture the iFloat?

The iFloat is a very well-engineered to be a very durable product, but like any foam products it is not indestructible. It should be taken care of and it is not a good idea to use it around or drag it against or over any hard, sharp, pointed objects or edges. These types of objects could scuff or tear the foam surface and or hurt people who are using the iFloat. Minor surface abrasions do not affect the buoyancy of the iFloat. We do not recommend it for use by any animal as they will most likely cause surface damage with their claws or teeth.

How do I roll the iFloat up?

Simply roll it up using the end that naturally curls first. Use the D-ring straps to secure the iFloat after you roll it up. It is that simple! We find its best rolled while in the water (Naturally its already floating) with one person on each end rolling facing the outside edge of the iFloat.

How many sizes does the iFloat come in?

We have three standard sizes, 12 feet x 6 feet x 1.5 inches, 18 feet x 6 feet x 1.5 inches and 24 feet x 6 feet x 1.5 inches but we can supply up to 140 feet x 6 feet x 1.5 inches in a single piece if need. We also have custom logos and colors available for commercial clients. Our unique iZip system allows you to double the floatation of any iFloat we sell available at an extra cost. We sell iFloats up to 140 feet in length. See Website for more sizes.

Will the “iFloat” fit on my Boat?

The iFloat is the must have accessory for a boat, pontoon, yacht, lake, river, beach or pool with our personal version! When you are moored in a Cove or Sand Bar scene, in less than a minute you can be relaxing on your iFloat and in less than one minute you can have it stowed. The standard 12 foot, 18 foot iFloat easily rolls to about a 24 inch diameter and is six feet wide. It weighs less than 36lbs pound for the standard sizes.



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